Graduate Students

Yizhi (Lily) Tang

Lily recieved her BS and MS degrees both from Jilin University, China and and is currently a PhD student studying the molecular epidemiology and pathogenic mechanisms of Campylobacterinduced systemic infection

Annabel Naditz

Anna Graduated from Lake Forest College with a BA degree and is currently a PhD student in Micobiology. Her research interest is in antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens.

Jinhu Huang

Jinhu is a joint training PhD student from Nanjing Agricultural University, China. His study focuses on molecular biology and antibiotic resistance in Campylobacter jejuni and Streptococcus suis.

Fengru Deng

Fengru is a joint training PhD student from China Agricultural University, China. Her research focuses antibiotic resistance and efflux mechanisms in Campylobacter.